Robert Hawking


Date of Birth 1967, May 10
Age 49
Birth Nation England
Birth Sign Taurus
Name Robert Hawking
Nationality British
Birth Place/City United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Profession Engineer
Works for Microsoft
Known for Stephen Hawking’s son
Marital Status Married
Married to Jane
Children 2
Siblings Timothy Hawking

Almost everyone knows world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking, but not as much is known about his children, particularly Robert. Stephen’s two other children are Lucy and Timothy, with Robert being the oldest.

Robert Hawking was born in May of 1967 to Stephen and Jane Wilde Hawking. He is currently employed as a software engineer for Microsoft. While he was born in the United Kingdom, he currently lives in Seattle, Washington in the United States. He has spent a little bit of time living in Canada, but now calls the U.S. home.

Robert had to spend quite a bit of time taking care of his father growing up, as he was the oldest of Stephen’s children. Stephen has said in the past that out of his three children, only Robert showed any interest in Science when he was young. His father, Stephen, suffers from a condition commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which started developing while Robert was a child. His mother, Jane, stated in her memoir that Robert often had to do many things for his father that “no child should ever have to do.”

Today, Robert is married with two children, one son and a daughter. His mother has stated that she often visits Robert and his family in the United States. Robert enjoys a close relationship with both his mother and father. Robert and his two siblings, Lucy and Tim, both accepted the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” back in 2014 on behalf of their father. This challenge was meant to raise awareness and funds for ALS research.

All of Stephen’s children, including Robert, have expressed their concern for their father due to his condition. In the past there were numerous incidents where Stephen had bruises on his body, and even a broken wrist. His children stated that they believed Elaine Mason, Stephen’s second wife, was responsible for the injuries. Mason and Hawking were married in 1995, but none of his children were at the wedding. Mason has denied all accusations that she was responsible for her ex-husband’s injuries.

Robert has said that he initially wanted to become a scientist like his father, but ended up deciding on a career in engineering. He was featured in the movie “The Theory of Everything,” which was adapted from his father’s book. Over the years Robert has spent time living in different parts of the United Kingdom as well as Canada. He has said on numerous occasions that he would often fly to the United States to see his parents for birthdays and holidays.

He has also said that while he was always close to his father growing up, it was often very difficult due to his serious illness. Stephen depended heavily on Robert as well as his wife at the time for simple tasks like changing his clothes or using the bathroom. Robert earned his degree in engineering in the United Kingdom and went to work for Microsoft soon after graduating. He openly admitted that getting hired at such a prestigious tech company was at least partially because of who his father is.

Not much is known about Robert Hawking, even when compared to Stephen’s other children. He says that he is incredibly happy working as an engineer at Microsoft, but still admires and has great respect for the work his father does as a scientist.




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